Locally Hand Crafted Spirits

We take pride in bringing the Chelan Valley the best and freshest spirits in the North Cascades. Offering you a wide variety of spirits and liquor to give any pallet a drink of splendor.

Coming soon to the valley - Look for Our Grand Opening in summer 2024

Crafted From locally Sourced Produce.

Here at Manson Distillery we want to  create a lasting positive impact through the creation of jobs, increasing tourism and most importantly creating new markets for our valley’s local produce.

Sourced Locally
outsourced Materials

We came up with a solution; apples, apples, and more apples. As Manson Distillery grows so will our need for more apples to be locally grown. Manson is already quite the destination. But add brandy, vodka and whiskey, there will be no excuse to not visit.


Highest Quality established in 2020

Whether it’s the fruit we use or the precise selection of cuts of Spirits we make, we put our best in the bottles we serve to give the best of the valley back to our clients.

Creating the best selection for you every step of the way, to preserve the history and taste of the valley. 

Farming Practices

Fruit from the valley is purchased, cleaned and juiced. After juicing we begin fermentation then the distilling process.

Distilling Process

Once the hand crafted juice is fermented , the wine or cider is distilled then separated into cuts to age.

quality in taste

Selected cuts are carefully chosen to be made into brandy, these will age in oak barrels until ready.

Hand crafted

We choose only the best cuts of vodka to become the highest quality of Spirits for our customers.

Discover Our Spirits

With so many varieties of fruit offered around the valley, we are able to many distill spirits.

Partner with us

We are extremely passionate about our local communities growth and development, we have a love and entrepreneurial aptitude to run businesses with quite a few ‘irons in the fire.’ 


We are ready to take the Chelan Valley community and businesses to the next level!

We are in need more space to run our tasting room space to showcase the distillery products than their current properties can offer.

Our past experience proves our diligence and ability and grow, develop, and be co member managers of this proposed development.

Lets add distilled spirits to the repertoire of this valley. Manson is already quite the destination.

It is our mission to improve our community by creating jobs, attracting more tourism and keeping alive our small town traditions.