About Us

If you grew up in the valley or just took up residence here for an extended period, I am sure you would agree one of this valley’s biggest challenges is having sustainable year-round career opportunities. Here at Manson Distillery LLC we want to tackle this problem not just for us but for the whole community.


We kept asking ourselves ‘what can we do to help.’ We came up with a solution; apples, apples, and more apples. As Manson Distillery grows so will our need for more locally grown apples. By offering partnerships with orchards to get the apples we need by taking the apples that do not meet the standards set by the retail market. By creating this extra demand for apples we hope to keep Manson’s orchards and the valley’s history from being lost.

Our Vision

To create a lasting positive impact through the creation of jobs, increasing tourism and most importantly creating new markets for our local produce.

Our Mission

To improve our community by creating jobs, attracting more tourism and keeping our small town traditions alive.

Bringing You the taste of the valley

Let’s add distilled spirits to the repertoire of this valley. Manson is already quite the destination. But add brandy, vodka and whiskey and there will be no excuse to not visit.

Meet The Owner

Colin owns and operate a 6 acre vineyard estate, 30 acre apple orchard, distillery and lease a 10 acre apple orchard. Grapes from their vineyard estate are leased to Vin Du Lac and have been crafted into award winning wines. Apples he farms are sold through Chelan fruit and Manson growers.

All the while taking over orchards, vineyards and starting a distillery. Building a synergetic portfolio to be the foundation for his family and future generations.

Colin Banghart

Colin Banghart is a motivated doer, bringing plans written on paper to life. After graduating from Manson High School and working in the valley for a few years Colin moved to the west side of the state to pursue a career. But after marrying his dream team wife, set his sights on moving back to Manson. Colin was raised in an agricultural family. His grandparents owned and operated a carnivorous plant nursery, his mom bred and trained horses and in his youth always had cows, pigs or chickens. It was only natural for him to want to move to where he could give his family similar experience. And so was motivated to move back to Manson and tackle one of the valley’s biggest challenges, creating sustainable careers and living.